Menu Commands

Tools menu

Scan Wizard – scans hosts, domain or IP ranges for specified ports

Domain Scanner – scans domain for hosts, running service on specified port.

Port Scanner – scans host for services running in specified port range.

Ping – tests connection to remote host, returns response time.

Traceroute – traces the route to remote host.

NS Lookup – queries DNS database for information about specified domain.

Host Resolver – resolves IP address to hostname and hostname to IP address.

Netstat – shows information about active connections on local host.

Network Info – returns contact information for specified network.

Local Host Info – returns information about local host (name, IP address, Winsock version, …).

Exit – exits the program.

Accessories menu

Finger – returns information about specified username on remote host.

FTP – allows upload/download files from ftp server.

HTML Viewer – shows the HTML source for specified URL.

Ph-CCSO – queries Ph (phonebook) server.

Simple Services – allows access to echo, discard, daytime, quote of the day and chargen services on remote host.

TCP Client – allows to establish connection and communicate to any TCP-based service on remote host (such as SMTP, POP, IRC, ...).

WhoIs – queries WhoIs server.

Watchers menu

Connection – show the list of connections on local host (updated in “real-time”).

Host – checks the status of specified remote hosts.

Service – checks the status of specified services, running on remote hosts.

Mailbox – checks the status of mailboxes.

HTML Page – checks if specified web pages changed since last time checked.

Options menu

Show In System Tray – shows program icon in System Tray

Show Toolbar – shows the toolbar

Customize Toolbar – allows to customize the toolbar

Clear History – clears the porgram history

Generate Report – generates HTML, XML or plain-text report for currently active (selected) utility

Window menu

Tile Horizontally–- arranges windows on program interface horizontally

Tile Vertically – arranges windows on program interface vertically

Cascade – arranges windows on program interface

Close All – closes all opened windows

Shows the list of opened windows.

Help menu

Help Topics – opens help file

Register – opens dialog for entering registration information

About Internet Tools – returns version and registration information