Scan Wizard

Scans domain for hosts, running service on specified port.

Select pre-recorded scenario and click “Scan” or

1.Select type of the scan you want to perform:

a)if you selected “Single host”, enter the host name

b)if you selected “Domain”, enter the domain name, or any host or IP address from the domain you want to scan

c)if you selected “IP range”, enter starting and ending IP addresses

d)if you selected “List of hosts”, select the list you want to perform scan on

2.Select type of ports you want to scan for:

a)if you selected “Single port”, enter the port number

b)if you selected “Port range”, enter the starting and ending port numbers

c)if you selected “List of ports”, select list of ports you want to scan for

d)if you selected “No ports” and checked “Ping before scanning” option, scan wizard will ping specified hosts

3.Click on "Scan" button.

After you get the result - list of IPs/hostnames and detected ports - you can click on any entry in list and more information will appear in textbox

Clicking on button will bring up "Scan Wizard Settings" window:

You can set scan timeout, number of hosts and ports to keep in history. You can choose if you want the output to be saved