OstroSoft SMTP Component

Component object model


A software library for sending emails from programming and scripting languages supporting .NET or COM.

Supports multiple recipients, email (MIME) attachments, AUTH and NTLM authentication, HTML email, custom headers, embedded objects, SSL, base64 and quoted-printable encodings, international characters and Unicode.

OSSMTP.dll is a COM library. Use it with Visual Basic 6 and earlier, VBA, VBscript, Javascript, MS SQL server and other programming languages and environments supporting COM.

OSSMTP_Plus.dll is a .NET library. Use it with C#, VB.NET and other programming languages and environments supporting .NET.

By using OstroSoft SMTP Component you agree to terms of License Agreement.


1. download OSSMTP.zip

2. extract downloaded file to a local directory

3. if you are planning to use OSSMTP.dll, copy it to your system directory and register with regedt32

4. if you are planning to use OSSMTP_Plus.dll, copy it to a root directory of your .NET project

Non-commercial license free
Unlimited usage for developing non-commercial applications.

Developer license $19.00 (purchase)
For a single programmer to develop and distribute a single commercial application.

Server license $59.00 (purchase)
For use in a commercial application, installed on a single server.

Enterprise license $139.00 (purchase)
For programmers within a company to develop and distribute an unlimited number of commercial applications.