OstroSoft Winsock Component


A software library providing easy access to the network layer of an operating system (UDP and TCP sockets)

OSWINSCK.dll serves as a wrapper for the Winsock API and helps programmers to abstract from the complexity of API calls and focus on application functionality

Works with programming and scripting languages supporting COM


for use with Visual Basic 6 (any edition):
1. download oswinsck.zip
2. from downloaded file unzip OSWINSCK.dll to Windows System directory
3. run "regsvr32 OSWINSCK.dll" from command-line

for use with .NET, Visual Basic 4 or 5, Visual C++, ASP, VBA, VBScript, JavaScript or any other language, supporting COM:
1. download oswinsck.exe
2. run downloaded file from Windows Explorer or command-line

Object hierarchy

Winsock object
non-blocking Windows socket

TCP object
blocking TCP socket
Non-commercial license free
Unlimited usage for developing non-commercial applications.

Developer license $19.00 (purchase)
For a single programmer to develop and distribute a single commercial application.

Server license $59.00 (purchase)
For use in a commercial application, installed on a single server.

Enterprise license $139.00 (purchase)
For programmers within a company to develop and distribute an unlimited number of commercial applications.