OstroSoft SMTP Component FAQ

Acceptable Use

May I re-sell SMTP Component?
Not without our permission
May I write and re-sell Sharepoint (Powerbuilder, MS Access, etc.) wrapper for SMTP Component?
You may certainly write, but not re-sell it, since it does not provide additional functionality. Read License Agreement for more.
I received a shipment of cheap viagra and friend provided me with great list of email addresses. I mean, millions of them! I'm so excited I want to notify everyone on this list, using your SMTP Component!
This is called spamming and you simply can't do that. At least not with OstroSoft SMTP Component. It violates license agreement.
I hate this person, so I'm going to let him know everything I think about him. I'm going to use your SMTP Component but will supply fake address and reply-to header
Nope. Can't do that. Carefully read license agreement, specifically the part about hate mail and forging headers
Those guys closed my free mailbox, so I have revenge planned - I will bombard their mailserver with millions of emails, using your SMTP Component.
This is denial-of-service attack. It's illegal and it's against license agreement. Can't use OstroSoft SMTP Component for that.