OstroSoft SMTP Component FAQ


Are there functional differences between non-commercial and commercial licenses of SMTP Component?
No, functionally all SMTP Component licenses are identical. With the only exception of X-Warning header, which is present in non-commercial version only.
What commercial licenses are available?
Developer license. For a single programmer to develop and distribute a single commercial application
Server license. For use in a commercial application, installed on a single server
Enterprise license. For programmers within a company to develop and distribute an unlimited number of commercial applications
I have a commercial license for the previous version of SMTP Component. Do I need to buy one for the new version?
Yes, if you bought your license more than 90 days before the release of new version (before September 15, 2008).
Otherwise please contact us to obtain new license key.
Minor releases are free within the same version.
I don't have a credit card, may I send a check to your mailing address?
You really shouldn't. Our resellers accept every imaginable method of payment: credit card, checks, wire transfers,Paypal, etc.
What's the difference between SMTP Component and OSSMTP?
None. OSSMTP is a file name for OstroSoft SMTP Component.
What does "non-commercial" mean?
It means that software, using SMTP Component, is freeware, open-source, non-profit or educational project, or used for internal communications or notifications. In other words, it does not generate revenue, directly or indirectly.
We are a non-profit organization (charity, education institution), can you provide us with free copy of commercially-licensed SMTP Component?
If you are a non-profit organization, you should not have problems sending (and your recipients receiving) emails, containing words "non-commercial license" in X-Mailer header. If it does bother you, consider buying a license - they are inexpensive.