OstroSoft Internet Tools FAQ

Run-time problems

"Configuration file not Found"
It means that either you downloaded not full setup but upgrade, or after installation you moved or deleted files necessary for application to work.
Why during domain/port scan program stops for 10-15 seconds and then continues?
It happens on Windows 95/98 only, because of its poor network functionality. Program waits until buffer taken by previous connections will be released and continues to scan after that (can take up to few minutes, though)
"No buffer size is available" when using the domain scanner and the port scanner
You are using older version of Internet Tools. This problem (Windows95-specific) was fixed in versions starting from 2.5. You can download the latest version of OstroSoft Internet Tools at http://www.ostrosoft.com/download/full/ostronet.exe
The port/domain scanners in version 3.* seem to scan much slower than in version 1.1
In reality, scanners in newer versions are much faster than in version 1.1. Even more - you can change scan speed. In shareware version it is set to 120 ports/min. Registered users can change it in range 1-600 ports/min. Port scanner in version 1.1 never allowed to scan faster than 300 ports/min and had buffer overflow problem under Windows 95.
Many windows do not come up anymore even after selecting them from menus
There are few things possible:
1)You installed another application which replaced dlls used by Internet Tools and some of these dlls are incompatible with previous versions
2)Internet Tools configuration file(s) got corrupted somehow
3)You accidentally deleted file(s) required by Internet Tools
In all of this cases you need to re-install the program. I recommend you to download latest version (3.4 build 5) from http://www.ostrosoft.com/download/full/ostronet.exe
Runtime error 3343, program doesn't recognize the database format
Most likely reasons:
1. You are trying to start Internet Tools with shortcut pointing to wrong startup (working) directory. Solutions: re-create shortcut or edit startup directory in shortcut properties.
2. You moved ostronet.exe from directory you installed program to, and program can't find supporting files. Solution: move the file back.
3. You accidentally deleted some of the files required by application. Solution: re-install the program
4. You are trying to run the program on Linux. Solution: don't.