OstroSoft Internet Tools FAQ


Will it scan for UDP ports too?
Yes. But you have to understand that UDP is "unreliable" (connectionless protocol), that's why program may not detect some UDP ports
Why latest versions of the program doesn't allow to run multiple instances of the same utility at the same time?
Shortly after the program has been released we started to get a lot of complaints from network administrators about people abusing their networks with it. That's why we decided to allow only one scan at time.
Does it supply a command line arguments so I can script the scan?
Yes, but only in the registered version. For more information check on-line help
How long does it take to scan a network, and what kind of performance hit will the network take during the scan?
Internet Tools scanner allows scan speed up to 600 hosts/minute - depends on scanner settings (registered version allows to change scan speed), network location (local network scanned faster) and network configuration.
Of course scanner creates load on network, but since it sends small packets - load is relatively small (especially on fast well-configured networks).
As for computer, running scanner, - it should be pretty powerful. Pentium. 166 MHz and 32 MB RAM - minimal configuration. Recommended system should have Pentium III 600 MHz and 256 MB RAM and run Windows 2000.
Does the scanner speed depends on scanned host OS?
Though you can run OstroSoft Internet Tools only on Windows, it doesn't really matter what system is running on target host (Windows, UNIX, whatever) as long as it supports TCP/IP
Does your software allow monitoring of any remote SMTP server?
OstroSoft Internet Tools allow to set Service Watcher that will measure response time for any TCP service (including SMTP) running on specified system.
Click menu "Watchers", select "Service Watcher". In Service Watcher window click on "Add" button. Enter your mailserver name and port number (25 in case of SMTP). Click "OK", then click "Start". Service Watcher will check your server within specified interval (you can change the interval in registered version, in shareware version it is 60 minutes) and return response time.
Will it work through a proxy?
Current version of OstroSoft Internet Tools doesn't support proxies.