Save Output

From any utility in OstroSoft Internet Tools (registered version) you can save the output.

1.Click on button and check “Save” checkbox. “Save Output…” window will show up

2.Select an appropriate option (if you want a new output file to be created daily, monthly or yearly) and click “OK” button. Next time you will run the utility its output will be saved to

appropriate file in “output” directory under the application path.

Below are abbreviations for each utility

Utility Output file starts with
TCP Client tc
Finger fg
HTML Viewer hv
Ph ph
Simple Services ss
WhoIs wi
Host Resolver hr
Domain Scanner ds
Local Info li
Connection Watcher wc
Netstat nt
NS Lookup ns
Ping pn
Port Scanner ps
Scan Wizard sw
Traceroute tr
Network Info ni
Host Watcher wh
HTML Watcher wt
Mail Watcher wm
Service Watcher ws