OstroSoft Internet Tools Registration

For customers in Europe

Registration fee:$29.00 (single-user license)

$79.00 (five-user license)

$179.00 (site license)

If you would like to register Internet Tools, you can do it online at


If you do not have access to the Internet, you can register via phone, fax or postal mail. Please print out the following form, and fax or mail it to:

RegSoft.com Inc.

PMB 201

10820 Abbott's Bridge Road

Suite 220

Duluth, GA 30097

Attn : Registrations

Phone: 1-877-REGSOFT (international orders please call 770- 319-2718)

Fax: 770-497-9234

E-Mail: registration@regsoft.com

Registration form for Internet Tools

Product ID: 6564

License(check one): __single-user($29.00) __five-user($79.00) __site($179.00)

Email Address (user@domain.com):__________________________________

Name (as it appears on credit card):__________________________________

Company Name (optional):__________________________________

Address (as appears on your statement):__________________________________

Address 2:__________________________________




Postal Code:__________________________________

Phone Number:__________________________________

CC Type: __Visa __MasterCard __American Express __Discover (Novus)

Card Number:__________________________________

Card Expiration Date:__________________________________

Date / Signature:___________________________