Command-line Arguments

OstroSoft Internet Tools (registered version) support following command-line arguments:

Utility Supported arguments
Scan Wizard scanwiz scenario:[scenario name]
Port Scanner portscan host:[host name or IP address] from:[port number] to:[port number]
Domain Scanner domscan domain:[domain name] port:[port number]
Ping ping host:[host name or IP address]
Traceroute tracert host:[host name or IP address]
NS Lookup nslookup dns:[server name] type:[*/A/NS/CNAME/SOA/MX] query:[query string]
Host Resolver resolve host:[host name] ip:[IP address]
Netstat netstat
Network Info netinfo host:[host name]
Local Info localhost
Finger finger email:[email address]
HTML Viewer htmlview url:[url]
Ph ph server:[server name] query:[query string]
Simple Services sns server:[server name] service:[echo/discard/daytime/qotd/chargen]
TCP Client tcp host:[host name or IP address] port:[port number]
WhoIs whois server:[server name] query:[query string]
Host Watcher Whost
Service Watcher Wservice
Mail Watcher Wmail
HTML Watcher Whtml
Service Watcher Wconn

Command line may also include following switches in any combination:

/r - run

/x - exit when finished

/h - hide


c:\progra~1\ostros~1\ostronet portscan host:localhost from:1 to:30 /r /h /x

will scan localhost for active ports in range 1-30 on background (not showing on screen) and close OstroSoft Internet Tools when finished.

c:\progra~1\ostros~1\ostronet resolve host:slinky /r

will resolve 'slinky' to IP address

c:\progra~1\ostros~1\ostronet scanwiz hosttype:host host:slinky porttype:list portlist:common_ports /r

will scan 'slinky' for ports specified in 'common_ports' list

Note. Prior to using utilities from command0line you need to set options (like timeout, number of entries in history, save output, etc.) through the main interface.